Proton Source Task Force Report, August 17, 2010

Proton Plan, November 2004

Challenges to the Fermilab Linac and Booster Accelerators, 2001 Accelerator Conference

Workshop Presentations

Workshop Directive

For the purpose of exposing and discussing on a broad front and from two perspectives, accelerator physics and the condition of the accelerator systems, what are the statuses and open questions of the Linac and the Booster that now seem relevant to operations for the next fifteen years.  The deliverable of this workshop is a report summarizing the findings to be used as a basis for developing a plan of action.

December 7, 2010   8:30 – 4:30

Operations Overviews, Radiation Issues, Alignment and Apertures, Beam Physics, and Beam Instrumentation

December 8, 2010   8:30 – 4:30

Hardware Systems and Downtime Statistics

Detailed agenda

All interested parties are welcome, although free registration is required so that we may anticipate the number of participants. Capacity of the Piano Room is limited to approximately 40 people.

Please contact either Bob Webber or Bill Pellico for further information.

Current Registration

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