Booster Accelerator Booster Department

The Fermilab Booster is a synchrotron accelerator with a circumference of 474 meters. Beam is injected into the Booster from the 400 MeV transport line which carries the 400 MeV beam output from the Linac accelerator. The Booster accelerates a proton beam from 400 MeV to 8 GeV in less than 67 milliseconds for the Main Injector accelerator. Booster also provides beam for the MiniBooNE experiment and the NuMI facility and MINOS experiment.
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Booster Coordinator Schedule

Booster Tunnel Drawings

Booster Tunnel Penetrations

Check out Booster's prototypical radiation measuring vehicle  MARV

Booster Tunnel Humidity Tracker

BL400M Plot
Booster Charge Plot
Booster Efficiency Plot
Booster Efficiency Plot
Hourly sum plot
Bunch Plot
Torroid Plot

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