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The Fermilab site, focussing on the Main Injector (foreground), the antiproton source, the Booster, Wilson Hall and the Fixed Target area. MiniBooNE Phototube Assembly MI Beamline This image, together with the previous image, make a nice view of the complex, with the Main Injector prominent in the foregroud. (These two images share 30 pixels of image: Note service building at the bottom appears in both images)
This is the 201 MHz power tube, called the 7835, from the first half of the Fermilab Linac. 7835 Power Tube An ILC Cavity Making final adjustments to an ILC prototype cavity just before doing a cold test..
A prototype 3-cell superconducting cavity for the proposed 8-GeV Linac Super Conducting Cavity Beam Profile Monitor The Beam Profile Monitor for the Electron Cooling project.
Foreground: The Antiproton Source; Middle: The Booster; Prominent, of course, Wilson Hall. Aereal Wilson The Main Injector Inspecting a beam line in the Main Injector Tunnel
The obelisk in front of Wilson Hall at sunset. Mr. Freeze (Jerry Zimmerman) demonstrates the expandability of liquid nitrogen..
This is a mock setup of a standing patient at the Neutron Treatment Facility, which operates with some of the Linac beam. MI & TeV MI & TeV A technician works at the RF racks for the Tevatron.
Maurice Ball makes some notes as he inspects a pump room in the Main Injector. MI & TeV MI & TeV The High Energy Linac (HEL), looking upstream.
Wilson Hall at dusk with the Helium storage containers at CDF The upstream end of the NuMI parabolic horn. This is horn #1. The horn is used to focus all the particles coming off of the NuMI target so that (most of) the neutrinos that are ultimately produced end up pointing in the right direction (towards the MINOS experiment in the Sudan Mine in Minnesota).
John Reid checks an RF signal Tuning the Main Injector in the Main Control Room
Therapist Christine Andorf checks the alignement of an NTF patient The Main Control Room
201 MHz RF Cavity at MuCool Test area ILC 1.3 GHz 9 cell cavities @ IB4
Titanium Nitride (TiN) physical vapor deposition coating of the inside of a beam tube Helen Edwards dumps the beam in the Tevatron for the last time.
Main Ring Road at night from the 16th floor of Wilson Hall Roger Dixon has some words of wisdom for the end of the Tevatron party
An artistic view of the Illinois Accelerator Research Center Ramsey Auditorium (foreground) and the east side of Wilson Hall.

Last update: October 28, 2013.
Most photos are from Visual Media Services, although some are by regular folks in the lab. If you want to contribute your image (167:337 aspect ratio) to be used on this site, contact E. McCrory.

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