User Library UL_WINDOWLIB Function Descriptions

Last updated:18-Jan-2019

window_create_help_field_c - creates both bubble and context sensitive help regions in a window
window_delete_all_help_c - deletes all help regions associated with a window
window_delete_help_field_c - removes help region created by earlier call to 'window_create_help_field_c'
window_give_focus - gives focus to the calling program's background window
window_has_focus - determines if the calling program's background window has focus
window_progress_create_c - creates a progress indicator centered in the display
window_progress_delete_c - remove a progress window from the screen
window_progress_value_c - updates the percentage shown in a progress window
window_screen_copy_init_c - creates a callback to copy the screen to a graphics window
window_wait_for_focus - waits for the calling program's background window to get focus
window_wait_for_user_c - waits for a user interrupt to close a window