t_set_ramp (ul_tecar)


      This function is called to download ramp tables to the TECAR server.

   Declarations (ANSI C):

       #include "tecar.h"
       unsigned char TECAR_server[]="tecar-a2";
       set_Ramp      input;
       read_Ramp     *output;
       short         istat;
       short t_set_ramp ( unsigned char *const TECAR_server,
                          set_Ramp *const input,
                          read_Ramp *const *output );

   Usage (C):

      istat = t_set_ramp ( TECAR_server, &input, &output );

   Usage (VAX generic format):

      istat.w.w = t_set_ramp ( TECAR_server.ar.b, input.ar.af, output.aw.a )


      Input - readonly:

         TECAR_server	a character string which contains the Internet
                        name of the TECAR server. This name must be
                        resolvable via the Domain Name Service.
			This may be passed either as a pointer to a
		        null-terminated string, or by descriptor
			(under VMS only).

         input		a pointer to the set_Ramp structure


         output         a pointer to a pointer to the read_Ramp structure


         istat          the status return in ACNET format