t_client (ul_tecar)


      This function is called to return a pointer to the client structure
      for the RPC interface to TECAR. If the interface to TECAR hasn't
      been initialized, then this is done first. If the TECAR server
      given is not the same as the TECAR server previously given, the
      connection to the previous TECAR is closed, and a new connection
      is opened to the new TECAR server.

Note: This function is intended for use only by the functions in the
      TECAR RPC UTI (User Task Interface), and is NOT intended for use
      by application programs.

   Declarations (ANSI C):

      #include <rpc/rpc.h>
      CLIENT *cl;
      char   TECAR_server="tecar-a2";
      CLIENT *t_client ( char *const TECAR_server );

   Usage (C):

      cl = t_client ( char *const TECAR_server );


      Input - readonly:

         TECAR_server	a character string which contains the Internet
                        name of the TECAR server. This name must be
                        resolvable via the Domain Name Service.
			This string may be passed either as a pointer
			to a null-terminated string, or by descriptor
			(on VMS systems).




         cl             a pointer to the RPC CLIENT structure
                        OR a null pointer if an invalid pointer to
                        the string containing the name of the TECAR
                        server is given