tek_get_waveform (ul_scopes)

	status.i4.v = tek_get_waveform(get_trace.i4.v, trace_count,i4.r,
				 time_slice.r4.r, waveform.sp.r,header.sp.r,

	Read TEK3052 waveform. A 'waveform' is made of many 'traces';
	each trace having TEK_NUMBIN bins.  Routine uses standard user-abort
	routines to allow user to interrupt data acquisistion.  If an error
	occurs during reading the waveform, partial data will be returned
	with a function return status of CBS_CORRUPT.

	get_trace	number of traces to get in this waveform;
			TEK_ALL_TRACES will return all traces;

	trace_count	return number of traces in this waveform

	time_slice	return time (secs) between subsequent traces in
			a this waveform; if an error occurs reading this,
			a value of 0 is returned

	waveform	return pointer to data; remains in memory until
			next call to tek_get_waveform
			waveform is a structure of type tek_waveform_t

	header  	return pointer to header data; remains in memory until
			header is a structure of type tek_head_t
	start_no  	Trace number to start with
	mode 		Two different ways to retrieve data:
				TEK_VME ;  one read from tek3052 
				TEK_SEQ ;  sequential calls to the tek3052

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	CBS_OK			success
	CBS_INVARG		invalid device address
	CBS_CORRUPT		Data is corrupt
	CBS_MEMFAIL		memory allication failure
	otherwise 		returns ACNET error

	This function requires the following include files:

	Related functions:

	tek_get_mode, tek_get_waveform, tek_get_waveform_sing, tek_get_dir,
	tek_get_header, tek_set_mode,tek_set_span, tek_switch_mode,