qromb_p (ul_physlib)

	value.r4.v = qromb_p(func.f.v, int_lower_bnd.r4.v,

	This routine performs a Romberg integration of a function
	specified by passed func.  It returns the value of the
	integral integrated from integral_lower_bnd to integral_upper_bnd.
	It is identical to the QROMB.C routine from Numerical Recipes in C 
	except that the requirements on the fractional accuracy desired 
	has been increased. 

	func		function containing the integrand
			(passed to trapzd function)
	int_lower_bnd	lower limit of integration 
	int_upper_bnd	upper limit of integration 

	This function returns values as follows:

	0.0			error occurred
	otherwise		integral value

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	calc_sigma, emitt_dp, calc_lum