intro_physlib (ul_physlib)

   PHYSLIB is designed to hold calculation code for accelerator physics.
   This includes things like three-bumps, luminosity, matrix 

   The routines should be documented with the standard help descriptions
   (see an existing routine for an example).  The library will accept 
   either C or FORTRAN source.  The code will be available to linking and
   use for console and terminal programs.  This implies there's no i/o or
   other platform-specific code in the routines.  As the library evolves,
   we hope to adopt more standards.  Source and object code are held in the
   console code-capture account (MECCA).  

   When using this library first execute: $ @mecca_root:setup_mecca
   Link against ul_physlib:physlib.olb/lib

   Source code is in this same directory (logical ul_physlib:).

   To get help on the routines: $ mecca/help ul_physlib