wmenuc (ul_pccns)

	wmenuc(uprow.i4.v, lftcol.i4.v, nitems.i4.v, nchars.i4.v, itmtxt.i1p.r,
	       title.i1a.r, item.i2.r, mcols.i4.v)

	This routine will prompt the user to select one item out of list of
	possibilities by creating a window on the color TV and displaying the
	available choices.  It then waits until the user clicks under
	one of the choices (or somewhere else), deletes the window, and
	returns the item number selected to the caller.  The routine
	automatically determines the window size.  The menu item which the
	cursor is under is highlighted with a white background.  The
	arguments are defined as follows:

	uprow		Upper row where window should be placed
	lftcol		Left column where window should be placed
	nitems		Number of menu items
	nchars		Number of characters in a menu item
	itmtxt		Character*NCHARS array dimensioned NITEMS which
			contains text for each menu item
	title		A null-terminated text string (ie. a quoted literal)
			to be written to the top line of the window. It may
			be no longer than NCHARS.
	item		Number of selected item (or zero).  Upon entry the
			text for menu item = ITEM will be displayed in
			yellow.  All other item text will be displayed
			in white.  Upon return, ITEM will be set to the
			number of the item which the user clicked under.
			If the cursor was not under a item, ITEM will be
	mcols		Number of menu columns

	This function requires the following include files: