wmakec (ul_pccns)

	status.i4.v = wmakec(x1.i4.v, y1.i4.v, x2.i4.v, y2.i4.v, nowrit.i1.v,
			     bdrclr.i4.v, ttlclr.i4.v, title.i1a.r, ident.i2.r)

	This function creates a window on the main console TV.
	Any existing text in the specified region will be saved. The
	window may be deleted and the original text restored by use
	of the WDELET function.  Overlapping windows are permitted,
	but it is up to the user to properly manage them.  Overlapping
	windows should be deleted in the reverse order of their creation.
	Please note that the screen coordinates are not in the usual
	(row,col) format but (col,row).  Also, there is a limit of 20
	windows at a time.  The arguments are defined as follows:

	x1, y1		coordinates of the upper left corner of window
	x2, y2		coordinates of the lower right corner of window
	nowrit		If "nowrit" is FALSE, the window area will be blanked
			out and a box drawn around the window.  If "nowrit"
			is TRUE, no change will be made to the window area.
	brdclr		A box will be drawn around the window in this color,
			black may be be specified if no visible border is
	ttlclr		Color in which title text will be displayed. A full
			attribute byte may be specified.
	title		A null-terminated text string (ie. a quoted literal) to
			be written to the top line of the window. It may be no
			longer than the width of the window minus four or 52
	ident		A unique value returned by the function which is
			used in subsequent calls to WDELET to specify
			the window to be deleted.

	The function value returns status as follows:

	      0	  success
	     -2	  illegal function
	     -3	  illegal subfunction
	     -5	  too many windows, out	of window storage
	     -6	  pixmap is too large (>64000 bytes)
	     -8	  parameter error (arguments out of range)

	This function requires the following include files: