tvmc (ul_pccns)

	tvmc(row.i4.v, column.i4.v, text_buffer.i1a.r, num_chars.i4.v,

	This routine will display text on the color TV.  The arguments
	are used as follows:

	row		starting TV row for the transfer
	column		starting TV column for the transfer
	text_buffer	user buffer of ASCII data to be read or written, one
			character per byte
	num_chars	number of ASCII characters to be read from or written
			to the TV screen.  If the value of "num_chars" is
			negative, a read operation is performed.  If
			"num_chars" is positive, a write operation is performed.
	color		an integer argument which contains the foreground
			color code.  See COLOR CODES below.

	The COLOR CODES are as follows:

		0 = black  (default background color)
		1 = blue
		2 = green
		3 = cyan (green + blue)
		4 = red
		5 = magenta (red + blue)
		6 = yellow (red + green)
		7 = white (red + green + blue)

	This function requires the following include files: