TVCHAR (ul_pccns)

	TVCHAR(row.i2.r, column.i2.r, char_data.i1a.r, color.i2.r)

	This routine displays a user defined character whose data
	is contained in the byte array "char_data".  The "char_data"
	array should contain at least 13 bytes on an EGA display and
	18 bytes on a VGA display.  The first byte of the array
	contains the data for the first row of the character, and
	the highest bit in each byte contains the pixel data for
	the leftmost pixel.  The character will be displayed at
	text coordinates (X,Y) and will be displayed in the color
	indicated by "color".

	>>This function is not supported in the console environment.<<

	This function requires the following include files: