timmesc (ul_pccns)

	timmesc(top_row.i4.v, left_column.i4.v, text.i1a.r, text_color.i4.v,

	This routine will display a message window.  The text should be
	a null terminated string.  The message will remain until
	either the delay (in 18 Hz ticks) expires or the user interrupts.

	top_row		top row where window should be placed
	left_column	left column where window should be placed
	text		text string to be displayed (must be null terminated)
	text_color	text color
	delay		length of time to display the message in 18 Hz ticks

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:


	C usage:

	static const char	text[] =
	"This is a text message that will be displayed for 5 seconds.";
	int	top_row = 1;
	int	left_column = 1;
	int	text_color = CYAN;
	int	delay = 5;