RDSPH (ul_pccns)

	RDSPH(row.i2.r, column.i2.r, num_chars.i2.r, minimum.i2.r,
	      maximum.i2.r, value.i2.r, status.i2.r)

	This routine reads "num_chars" hexadecimal characters from the
	alphanumeric screen starting at position ("row","column"), converts
	them to a single precision integer value and range checks the result.
	Input data causing conversion errors or which are outside the
	specified range are echoed to the screen in white, valid conversions
	are echoed to the screen in green.

	row, column	position of first character in input field
	num_chars	width of input field (maximum is 10)
	minimum		minimum acceptable value
	maximum		maximum acceptable value
	value		returned value  (In the event of a range error
			this value will be clamped to one of the specified
			limit values.  In the event of a conversion error
			the pre-call value is not altered.)
	status		returned conversion status
			(<0 -> invalid characters for conversion,
			 0 -> valid entry (successful conversion
				and in range),
			 1 -> less than minimum
			      (result set to value of minimum),
			 2 -> greater than maximum
			      (result set to value of maximum))

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	rdspic, rdspi4c, rdsprc

	C usage:

	short	status;
	short	value;
	short	row = 1;
	short	column = 1;
	short	num_chars = 6;
	short	minimum = 0;
	short	maximum = 10;