INTDAT (ul_pccns)

	INTDAT(ascii.i1.r, scan.i1.r, mouse.i2.r, time.i2.r)

	This routine returns the key ASCII code (ASCII), the key scan
	code (SCAN), and the mouse button status from the last time
	INTYPE event.  It also returns the system time at which that
	event occurred in TIME.  This is especially useful for key press
	or edit key interrupts to determine what key(s) or button(s)
	were or weren't pressed.  This routine must be preceded by a
	call to INTYPE.  ASCII and SCAN are standard IBM key code
	values.  The lower three bits of MOUSE contain the mouse
	button status with bit 0 containing the right button status,
	bit 1 containing the middle button status, and bit 2
	containing the left mouse button status.

	This function requires the following include files: