cvhc (ul_pccns)

	cvhc(input.i1a.r, nchars.i4.v, output.i1a.r, istart.i4.v, fill.i1.v)

	This routine converts a binary value, specified by INPUT, into ASCII
	hexadecimal characters suitable for display.  The characters are
	loaded into output buffer OUTPUT starting at character position
	ISTART (first character is postion 1).  NCHARS contains the
	length of the output string.

	Note that INPUT can be arbitrarily long.  It is assumed to have
	exactly as many nibbles as there are NCHARS. Conversion proceeds
	according to DEC numerical  conventions.  The first nibble of
	INPUT, in the byte with the lowest address, gets converted to
	the rightmost end of the output string. The last nibble of INPUT
	gets converted to the leftmost character.

	If either NCHARS or ISTART are not strictly positive CVH exits

	This function requires the following include files: