cvgc (ul_pccns)

	cvgc(value.r4.r, nchars.i4.v, ibuf.i1a.r, istart.i4.v)

	This routine converts the floating point variable VALUE
	into the number of decimal ASCII characters as specified by
	NCHARS, inserting them into the caller's byte buffer IBUF,
	starting at the character position specified by ISTART (where 1
	defines the first byte of IBUF).

	VALUE has a range of +/- 99,999,999.0 and is rounded prior to
	conversion based on the NCHARS specified.  NCHARS has a range
	from 2-10 and includes sign and decimal point (if present).
	The buffer field is filled with a sign and asterisks (*) to
	indicate overflow and direction (pos or neg).  The decimal point
	is moved so that the maximum number of significant digits will
	be encoded.

	This function requires the following include files: