copiesc (ul_pccns)

	copiesc(icode.i4.v, irow.i4.v, icol.i4.v)

	This routine allows the user to dump a copy of the present
	screen image to a dot matrix printer.  This is the same thing
	that happens when Ctrl-PrtSc is pressed in a program in which
	INTYPE is being called.  The format is compatible with the
	IBM Dot Matrix, IBM ProPrinter, Epson MX-80/100, and Epson
	FX-80/100 printers.  (Note : If you have the Baby Driver printer
	driver, you can also print screens in three different sizes
	using a Laser printer.)

	At program initialization, call COPIES with ICODE having a
	value of 1 and with IROW and ICOL pointing to an eight
	character field which will be used to activate the copy
	pull-down window.  The string "*COPIES*" will be displayed
	on the screen at that location.

	During keyboard interrupts, call COPIES with ICODE having
	a value of 3 and IROW and ICOL having the current cursor

	This function requires the following include files: