CAMIO (ul_pccns)

	status.u4.v = CAMIO(funcod.i2.r, subadd.i2.r, data.i4.r,
			    Q.i2.r, X.i2.r)

	This routine executes a single CAMAC command.  FUNCOD and SUBADD
	represent the desired function code and subaddress respectively.
	DATA is a longword which either receives the data from a read
	command or sends the data for a write command.  Q and X are
	integers which return the Q and X status for the command.  This
	function returns the raw status from the crate controller in
	order to determine the precise cause of a failure.  A call to
	this routine should be preceded by calls to SETARB, SETCS,
	and SETTRY (or NQR).

	This function requires the following include files:


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