User Library UL_PBAR_INSTRUMENTS Function Descriptions

Last updated:18-Jan-2019

downloadGPIBRecord - Downloads a GPIB instrument command record created with P185
HP8568B__GetCenterFrequency - Return HP8568B Frequency Span
HP8568B__GetStatus - Return HP8568B Status Register
HP8568B__GetSweepTime - Return HP8568B Sweep Time
HP8568B__Initialize - Select, Initialize and Verify HP8568B Identity
HP8568B__ReportStatus - Report HP8568B Status Register Content
HP8568B__SetActiveInput - Select HP8568B Active Input
HP8568B__SetCenterFrequency - Set HP8568B Center Frequency, Span, and Resolution Bandwidth
HP8568B__SetFrequencySpan - Set HP8568B Frequency Span
HP8568B__SetLogScale - Set HP8568B Video Bandwidth
HP8568B__SetReferenceLevel - Set HP8568B Input Attenuation
HP8568B__SetVideoAveraging - Select HP8568B Video Averaging On/Off
HP8720B__Delete - Delete HP 8720B
HP8720B__Initialize - Select, Initialize and Verify HP 8720B Identity
HP8751__Delete - Delete HP 8751
HP8751__Initialize - Select, Initialize and Verify HP 8751 Identity
HP8753ES__Delete - Delete HP 8753ES
HP8753ES__Initialize - Select, Initialize and Verify HP 8753ES Identity
TDS640__ArmAcquire - Arm TDS 640 Acquisition Trigger
TDS640__GetStatus - Return TDS 640 Status Registers
TDS640__Initialize - Select, Initialize and Verify TDS 640/684 Identity
TDS640__IsTriggered - Return TDS 640 Trigger State
TDS640__ReadChannel - Read TDS 640 Channel Waveform
TDS640__ReportStatus - Report TDS 640 Status Register Content
TDS640__ReportStructure - Report TDS 640 Data Structure Content
TDS640__ScaleChannelData - Scale TDS 640 Raw Trace Data
TDS640__SetChannelPosition - Set TDS 640 Channel Display Position
TDS640__SetupChannel - Setup TDS 640 Channel Input Parameters
TDS640__SetupData - Setup TDS 640 Data Acquisition Parameters
TDS640__SetupDelayedTimebase - Setup TDS 640 Delayed Time Base Parameters
TDS640__SetupTimebase - Setup TDS 640 Time Base Parameters
TDS640__SetupTrigger - Setup TDS 640 Trigger Parameters