TV_field_info (ul_oocbs)


   This module defines a "button" object for use with the TV window
   interface. A TV_field (a "changeable" TV_button) inherits all of
   the functionality of the TV_button class, with the additional
   functionality of being able to change its appearance (text, or label)
   by reading from the "TV" screen.

   Modification history:

        V00.00	Kevin McGuire				October 25, 1991
	        Original -  derived from tv_button.h.
	V00.01 James Holt				February 28, 1992
		Add window id and pointer to pass user data.
	V00.02 James Holt				March 11, 1992
		Remove brackets around label.
       V00.03 Andrew Braun                             October 7, 1996
               get_label description was mislabeled set_label.
               Corrected argument to TV_create_label so window id is i2.