queue->clone (ul_oocbs)

	queue.s.r = clone(queue.s.r)

	This function is used as a constructor to create a copy of a
	pre-existing instance of the Queue class. The new instance will
	be identical to the original instance in all respects, except
	that it will use different storage - therefore operations on the
	original instance will not affect the new instance, and vice-versa.

	queue             a pointer to the queue (structure of type Queue)

	This function returns:

	a pointer to the newly-created instance of the Queue class upon
	success, or a null pointer upon failure to allocate virtual memory.

	Use of this class requires the following header files:


	Related functions:

	create_Queue()    the constructor for instances of the Queue class

	C/C++ usage:

	#include "queue.h"
	Queue*	queue_1;
	Queue*	queue_2;

	queue_2 = (*queue_1->clone)(queue_1);