load_TV_button (ul_oocbs)

	load_TV_button(wid.i2.v, button_row.i4.v, button_column.i4.v,
		       label.i1a.r, normal_button_color.i4.v,
		       feedback_button_color.i4.v, background_color.i4.v,
		       button_state.i4.v, action_func.s.r,
		       cascaded_button.s.r, user_data.g.v,

	This function should only be called by functions which create objects
	that are inherited from the TV_button object. It differs from
	create_TV_button() only in that it does not allocate memory for the
	structure. It is assumbed that the caller of _this function has already
	allocated the memory that is needed.