list->remove (ul_oocbs)

	item.g.r = remove(list.s.r, tag.i4.v)

	This method retrieves an element, based upon the tag, and
	removes it from the list.

	list              a pointer to the list (structure of type List)
	tag               the tag to be used to retrieve the corresponding
	                  List element

	This function returns:

	a pointer to the item removed from the List

	Use of this class requires the following header files:


	Related functions:

	create_List()     the constructor for instances of the List class

	C/C++ usage:

	#include "list.h"
	List	*list;
	int	item;
	int	length;
	void	*ptr;
	int	tag;

	ptr = (*list->remove)(list,tag);
	if (ptr != (void *) NULL)
	    item = *ptr;


	The List class actually allocates space in which to store the
	data item given to it for the "put" operation. It is a pointer
	to this allocated space that is returned by this method.
	Therefore the user of the List class must be sure to free
	this pointer when finished with it, or else memory leaks will