create_Text_Table (ul_oocbs)

	text_Table.s.r = create_Text_Table(, types.i4a.r,
					   formats.i1p.r, titles.i1p.r,
					   items.i4.v, columns.i4.v,

	create a Text_Table object for display

	array		pointers to data
			for numbers a vector is expected
			for characters an array of pointers

	types		CBS data types currently supported:
				INP_SHORT	short integer
				INP_LONG	int integer
				INP_FLOAT	real*4
				INP_DOUBLE	real*8
				INP_CHAR	char * pointer

	formats		pointers to strings like "%5d","%10.2f","%s" 
			used to convert binary to ascii strings.
			each format may request no more than 1024 characters.

	titles		pointers to strings with column titles

	items		maximum number of items in any column

	columns		number of columns (dimension of array[] and format[])

	width		maximum number of characters per row

	Usage: (five column table)

		TextTable *table;
		int types[5];
		int colors[5];
		int items,columns,width;

		width = 80;
		columns = 5;
 		items = 10;
		table = create_text_table(array,types,

		row = 12;  (* screen coordinate (12,1) *)
		col = 1;   
		depth = 4; (* display 4 lines at a time *)