oac_dis (ul_oac)

	numof.i4.v = oac_dis(oac_class.u1.v, device_indices.i4a.r)

   	This function returns the device indices associated with a specified
	Open Access Front-end.  It keys on the class byte (lowest) of the SSDN.

	oac_class	OAC_CLASS_ type (see 'oacdef.h')
	device_indices	returns the device indices in the caller's data space;
			pass NULL, to indicate no DIs desired

   	Function returns status as follows:

	negative value		ACNET error code
	non-negative value	number of DIs for this OAF

	This function requires the following include files:

	oacdef_h, oac_errors_h

	Related functions:

	oac_mainloop, oac_user_reply, oac_forward_sets, oac_free, oac_malloc,
	oac_dis, also see functions with prefix "oam_"

	C usage:

	unsigned char	oac_class = OAC_CLASS_PSEUDO;
	int	numof;
	int	*device_indices;

	numof = oac_dis(oac_class,(int *) NULL);

	device_indices = (int *) malloc(numof*(sizeof(int)));

	numof = oac_dis(oac_class,device_indices);