multiwire_get_data_c (ul_multiwire)

	status.i4.v = multiwire_get_data_c(multiwire_name.i1a.r,
					   max_wires.i4.v, position.i4.r
					   wire_data.g.v, wire_status.i4.r,,
    					   data_type.i4.v [,ftd.i4.v]
    					   [,listid.i4.r] [,mean_option.u4.v])

	This routine returns data (scaled or raw) and calculation data for
	a requested multiwire

	multiwire_name	multiwire name	(MW_DEVICE_NAME_LEN characters)
	max_wires	maximum number of wires that will fit in wire_data
			(if max_wires is 96, it will return 48 horizontal 
			 wires' data and 48 vertical wires' data)
	position	returned position of the requested multiwire
			(MW_POSITION_OUT	position(or swic scanner)
						is out,
			 MW_POSITION_IN		swic scanner is in,
						(for SWIC/SEM type device only)
			 MW_POSITION_HORZ	position is horizontal,
			 MW_POSITION_VERT	position is vertical,
			 MW_POSITION_INDETERM	position is indeterminent,
						as controller is off-line
						or hardware problem
						for SEM devices, it means 
						motor not available,
			 MW_POSITION_UNKNOWN	probably hardware problem
						(for SWIC/SEM type device only)
			 CLIB_INVARG		invalid multiwire name)
			(Note: A value of NULL may be passed for this
			argument if no position is desired.)
	wire_data	returned wire data (scaled or raw)
			(If data_type is MW_RAW_DATA, This is a short array
			of max_wires size;
			for SEM type device, This is a short array of 
			max_wires size only;
			If data_type is MW_SCALED_DATA, This is a float array
			of max_wires size)
			(if max_wires is 96, horizontal wires' data will be
			stored from 0 to 47 and vertical wires'data from 48 to
			(Note: A value of NULL may be passed for this
			argument if no wire_data is desired.)
	wire_status	returned reading each wire status
			(an array of max_wires size)
			(OK -> good data
			 returned positive wire_status:
			 MW_MISSING_WIRE -> missing wire  (MW only)
			 MW_NOISY_WIRE -> noisy wire  (MW/SWIC only)
			 returned negative wire_status:
			 MW_NOT_IN_BEAM -> multiwire is OUT 
			 MW_DPM_IO_ERROR -> DPM-detected I/O error (MW only)
			 MW_BUF_WRONG_NUM_WIRE -> Buffer contains wrong number
						  of wires (MW only)
	 		 MW_BUF_WRONG_CHNL_NUM -> Buffer contains wrong channel
						  number (MW only)
	 		 MW_BUF_WRONG_SCAN_NUM	-> Buffer contains wrong scan
						   number (MW only)
	 		 MW_BUF_NOT_SINGLE_SCAN	-> Buffer is not a single-scan
						   data buffer (MW only)
	 		 MW_NOT_AVERAGE_BUFFER -> Buffer is not an average 
						  buffer (MW only)
	 		 MW_BUF_WRONG_WIRE_POS	-> Buffer is for wrong chamber
						   position (MW only)
	 		 MW_AVG_CALC_NOT_READY -> Average calculations did not
						  finish (MW only)
	 		 MW_BUF_2_ZERO_WORDS -> First two words in buffer are
						zero (MW only)
	 		 MW_BUF_3_ZERO_WORDS -> First three words in buffer 
						are zero) (MW only)
			 CLIB_INVALID_DATA ->	if max_wires is 96 and one of
						the two planes is invalid)
			(if max_wires is 96, it will return horizontal wires'
			(from 0 to 47) and vertical wires'(from 48 to 95) 
			otherwise		ACNET format error
			(Note: A value of NULL may be passed for this
			argument if no wire_status is desired.)
	calculated_data	returned calculated data and time stamp
			(if max_wires is 96, it will return horizontal 
			calculated_data and vertical calculated_data)
			(MW_EXT_CALCULATIONS structure)
			(Note: A value of NULL may be passed for this
			argument if no calculated_data is desired.)
	calculated_data_status	returned reading calculated data status	
			(OK -> good data
			 CLIB_NOTYET -> Calculations not finished (MW/SWIC only)
			 CLIB_INVALID_DATA ->	if max_wires is 96 and one of
						the two planes is invalid
						then the invalid plane's
						calculated_data_status is
			otherwise		ACNET format error)
			(if max_wires is 96, it will return horizontal 
			calculated_data_status and vertical 
			(Note: A value of NULL may be passed for this
			argument if no calculated_data_status is desired.)
	data_type	data type of returned data
    			(MW_RAW_DATA -> returns raw data
    			 MW_SCALED_DATA	-> returns scaled data
					   (engineering units))
	[ftd]		Frequency Time Descriptor
			(FTD_ONESHOT -> one shot (default),
			 FTD_DEFAULT -> use database default FTD,
			 FTD_1HZ -> 1 Hz request (Note: This value can be
				    multiplied by an integer constant to
				    retrieve data every "constant" seconds.),
			 FTD_EVENT_MASK OR'ed with TCLK event value -> read
			 on TCLK event (event constants are in 'tclk_events'))
			(Note:for SEM type device only.)
	[listid]	returned list ID for use by subsequent data
			retrieval routines 
			(Note:for SEM type device only.)
	[mean_option]	mean type of calculated data
			(MW_OPT_NONE -> no options requested (default)
    			 returns means to the wire number
    			 MW_OPT_RELATIVE_TO_CENTER_MEAN -> returns means
			 relative to the center wire)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CLIB_BUGCHK		initialization failed
	MW_NOT_IN_BEAM		Multiwire is OUT
	othewise		ACNET format error

       This function requires the following include files:

	ul_multiwire_h:multiwires_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	multiwire_get_names_c, multiwire_menu_c, multiwire_get_list_c,
	multiwire_cancel_get_lst, multiwire_get_scans_list_c,
	multiwire_num_wires_c, multiwire_detector_type_c,
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	multiwire_set_hv_status_c, multiwire_display_config_c,

	C/C++ usage:


	char	multiwire_name[MW_DEVICE_NAME_LEN];
	int	status;
	int	max_wires = MAX_WIRES;
	int	position;
	int	wire_status[MAX_WIRES];
	int	calculated_data_status;
	(if MAX_WIRES is 96, calculated_data_status should be 
	int	data_type = MW_SCALED_DATA;
	int	ftd = FTD_ONESHOT;
	int	listid;
	unsigned int	mean_option = MW_OPT_NONE;
	float	wire_data[MAX_WIRES];
	MW_EXT_CALCULATIONS	calculated_data;
	(if MAX_WIRES is 96, calculated_data should be calculated_data[2])

	status = multiwire_get_data_c(multiwire_name,max_wires,