model_tev_lattice_menu (ul_model)

	mode.i4.v = model_tev_lattice_menu(row.i4.v, col.i4.v)

	This routine displays a scrolling menu of Tevatron lattice
	breakpoints and allows the user to select a breakpoint. It
	returns the breakpoint selected or -1 if none are selected. 

	row, column 	location of the upper left corner of the menu

	This function returns status values as follows:

	-1			no lattice breakpoint selected
	otherwise		selected Tevatron lattice breakpoint

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	tev_mode_text, model_db_set_machine, model_db_set_machine_cpp,
	model_db_query, model_mi_lattice_menu, mi_mode_text,

	C/C++ usage:

	int	status;
	int	row = ROW;
	int	column = COLUMN;

	status = model_tev_lattice_menu(row,column);