mecar_get_ramp (ul_mecarlib)

	status.i4.v = mecar_get_ramp(cycle.i4.v, crate.i4.v, ramp_data.s.r)

	This routine returns MECAR ramp data.

	cycle		reset clock event from desired machine cycle
			(constants are in tclk_events)
	crate		MECAR crate number returned by a previous call
			to mecar_get_crate  (Note: If a value of
			MECAR_FIND_CRATE is passed for this argument,
			the routine will determine the active MECAR crate
	ramp_data	returned ramp data (structure of type MECAR_RAMP_TABLE)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	DIO_OK			success
	DIO_BADARG		invalid cycle or crate value passed
	DIO_NO_SUCH		no MECAR crate is available
	DIO_SCALEFAIL		error occurred in scaling raw ramp data
	DIO_xxx			error occurred in reading MECAR data

	This function requires the following include files:

	ul_mecarlib_h:mecarlib_h, tclk_events_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	mecar_get_crate, mecar_ramp_length, mecar_ramp_time_to_current,
	mecar_ramp_current_to_time, mecar_ramp_fit_current_to_time