User Library UL_LEXTOOLS Function Descriptions

Last updated:18-Jan-2019

lext_add_lex_draw_object_c - inserts an object into a Lex Draw image buffer
lext_add_lex_prog_object_c - inserts an object into a Lex Prog command buffer
lext_callable_parameters - returns meaning of callable Lex Object parameters
lext_current_active_image - returns the current active Lextools image
lext_disable_device_monitoring - disable monitoring of devices
lext_disable_image_control - disable user control of active devices
lext_draw_object_c - draw a callable Lex Object in active Lextools image
lext_enable_device_monitoring - enable monitoring of device closest to the cursor
lext_enable_image_control - enable user control of active devices
lext_erase_object - erase a previously drawn callable Lex Object
lext_image_menu_c - presents a menu of the presently existing Lex Draw files
lext_init_active_image - initialize an active Lextools image
lext_modify_object_c - change an attribute of a callable Lex Object
lext_object_help_c - dialog to edit or display a description of a Lex Object
lext_object_information - returns miscellaneous information about a Lex Object
lext_object_menu_c - presents a menu of the presently existing Lex Objects
lext_object_parameters - returns the meaning of Lex Object user parameters
lext_read_command_file_c - reads a Lex SA file
lext_read_image_c - reads a Lex Draw image
lext_remove_active_image - remove the currently active Lextools image
lext_sa_menu_c - presents a menu of the presently existing Lex active images
lext_save_command_file_c - saves a Lex SA command buffer into a file
lext_save_image_c - saves a Lex Draw image into a file
lext_set_log_file - establish an error log file for use by Lextools routines
lext_start_sa_c - starts up Lex SA with the requested graphics file