lext_image_menu_c (ul_lextools)

	status.i4.v = lext_image_menu_c(top_row.i4.v, left_column.i4.v,
					height.i4.v, file.i1a.r)

	This routine creates a menu of the presently existing Lex Draw
	file names.

	top_row		top row of menu (use WMNGR_CENTER for centering)
	left_column	left column of menu (use WMNGR_CENTER for centering)
	height		number of entries to be displayed at a time
	file		Lex Draw file chosen (LEXT_LD_NAMLEN characters)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	CBS_OK			success
	CBS_MEMFAIL		dynamic memory allocation failure
	CBS_GENERR		error reading file directory
	CBS_READONLY		no Lex Draw file chosen

	This function requires the following include files:

	cbslib_h, ul_lextools_h:lextuti_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	lximag, lext_object_menu_c, lext_sa_menu_c

	C usage:

	char	file[LEXT_LD_NAMLEN];
	int	status;
	int	top_row = WMNGR_CENTER;
	int	left_column = WMNGR_CENTER;
	int	height = NUM_ROWS;

	status = lext_image_menu_c(top_row,left_column,height,file);