dabbel (ul_dabbel)

	status.i4.v = dabbel(input_file_spec.i1a.r, list_file_spec.i1a.r,
			     user_name.i1a.r, run_type.i4.v, log_flag.i4.v,
			     print_stdout.i1.v, print_stderr.i1.v,
			     return_data.s.r [,lpmask.u8.v] [,options.u4.v])

	This routine invokes the DABBEL processor, which is the
	DAtaBase Batch Entry Language.  It requires an input file,
	which is coded in the DABBEL language.  The input file can
	either list or modify one or more devices in the Acnet central
	database.  Output from this process will be written to a
	user-specified list file and to various other files.  Except for
	the listing file, all files will be written to the directory
	/usr/local/userb/dabbel/<username>. The user has the option to
	allow DABBEL to direct some output to the terminal (stdout and
	stderr).  Regardless of how the user sets the print_stdxxx
	flags, however, all textual output will continue to be directed
	to the list and log files.  Please refer to the Dabbel
	user document for more information.

	input_file_spec	NUL-terminated input file specification
			(The file extension (if it exists) must not
			 be ".lis".)
	list_file_spec	NUL-terminated listing file specification or
			"stdout" (case-insensitive)
	user_name	NUL-terminated user name, which is only used
			if running in a console environment and
			the user is CONSOLE or XCONSOLE
	run_type	type of Dabbel run (constants are in 'ul_dabbel:dabbel'):
			DAB_SYNTAX	(syntax-only checking)
			DAB_LIST	(listing operations only)
			DAB_MODIFY	(modifications allowed)
	log_flag	log file flag	(constants are in 'ul_dabbel:dabbel'):
			DAB_DEFAULT_LOG	(recommended - LOG file will be
					 created only if DAB_MODIFY
					 or DAB_LIST )
			DAB_NOLOG	(create no log file)
			DAB_LOG		(create a log file)
	print_stdout	TRUE to allow printf output to stdout
	print_stderr	TRUE to allow printf output to stderr
	return_data	returned summary data (structure of type
			DABBEL_RETURN_DATA, defined in 'ul_dabbel:dabbel')
	[lpmask]	property mask for selective listing; list all
			properties if zero
			(constants are in 'dbprops' and have the form
			(default is 0)
	[options]	options mask (constants in dabbel.h)
			DAB_OPT_PDB:	List only the PDB for reading/setting
					properties.  Caller must specify
					PRREAD and/or PRSET in 'lpmask'.
			DAB_OPT_NOPDB	Do not list the PDB for reading/setting
					properties.  Caller must specify
					PRREAD and/or PRSET in 'lpmask'
			(default is 0)

   	This function returns status values as follows:

	OK			success
	DAB_SOME_ERROR		some DBL or syntax error occurred
				while processing the input file
	DAB_NOINFILE		cannot open the input file
	DAB_CLXSRV		cannot run on node CLXSRV
	DAB_LISFILE		cannot open the listing file
	DAB_BADUSER		illegal user name
	DAB_LOGFILE		cannot open the LOG file
	DAB_IFILETYP		illegal input file type
	others			less-commmon errors (see 'ul_dabbel:dabbel')

	This function requires the following include files:

	ul_dabbel_h:dabbel_h, dbprops_h

	Related functions:


	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	input_file_spec[] = "mydab.dab";
	static const char	list_file_spec[] = "mydab.lis";
	static const char	user_name[] = "jones";
	int	status;
	int	run_type = DAB_LIST;
	int	log_flag = DAB_DEFAULT_LOG;
	char	print_stdout = TRUE;
	char	print_stderr = TRUE;
	unsigned long long	lpmask = 0;

	status = dabbel(input_file_spec,list_file_spec,user_name,