status.i4.v = wn_query_setup([active.i4.r] [,color.i4.r] [,clip.i4.r]
				     [,bkgd_color.i4.r] [,draw_mode.i4.r]
				     [,active_screen.i4.r] [,vector_width.i4.r]
				     [,text_size.i4.r] [,text_rot.i4.r]
				     [,fill_mode.i4.r] [,text_mode.i4.r]
				     [,text_video.i4.r] [,text_scale.i4.r]
				     [,border_width.i4.r] [,vector_grain.s.r])

	This routine returns parameters used globally by "wn_xxx" routines
	for drawing in a graphics window.

	[active]	active drawing window ID
			(A value of WN_INVALID_ID indicates that there is
			 no presently active window.)
	[color]		current drawing color
	[clip]		current clipping flag
			(TRUE -> clipping is turned on,
			 FALSE -> clipping is disabled)
	[bkgd_color]	window background color
	[draw_mode]	pixel drawing mode
			(WN_REPLACE ->	replace mode,
			 WN_OR -> "or" mode,
			 WN_AND -> "and" mode,
			 WN_XOR -> exclusive "or" mode)
	[active_screen]	active output screen
			(GXPA_1 -> graphic screen "1",
			 GXPA_2 -> graphic screen "2")
	[vector_width]	vector drawing width in pixels
	[text_size]	current text size
	[text_rot]	current text rotation
			(WN_TEXT_LEFT_TO_RIGHT -> normal left to right text,
			 WN_TEXT_UP -> bottom to top text,
			 WN_TEXT_DOWN -> top to bottom text,
			 WN_TEXT_RIGHT_TO_LEFT -> right to left upside down)
	[fill_mode]	fill mode for closed objects
			(WN_EMPTY -> objects will be left empty,
			 WN_FILLED -> objects will be filled)
	[text_mode]	character background drawing mode
			(WN_TEXT_ERASIVE -> text background is erased,
			 WN_TEXT_ADDITIVE -> text background is not erased)
	[video_mode]	text foreground/background color mode
			(WN_TEXT_NORMAL -> normal text,
			 WN_TEXT_INVERSE -> inverse video text)
	[text_scale]	text scaling mode
			(WN_WORLD_SCALING -> normal scaling according to
					     world coordinates (default),
			 WN_CHARACTER_SCALING -> scaling according to rows
						 and columns)
	[border_width]	width of border for closed objects in pixels
	[vector_grain]	vector grain (pattern) data
			(structure of type WN_VECTOR_GRAIN_DATA)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CBS_NOSETUP		an active window has not been established

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, clib_h, cbslib_h

	Related functions:

	wn_active(_c), wn_color(_c), wn_clip(_c), wn_background_color_c,
	wn_draw_mode(_c), wn_select_screen(_c), wn_vector_width(_c),
	wn_text_size(_c), wn_text_rotation(_c), wn_fill_mode(_c),
	wn_text_attributes_c, wn_text_scaling_c, wn_border_width_c,
	wn_vector_grain(_c), intro_graphics_windows

	C/C++ usage:

	int	status;
	int	active;
	int	color;
	int	clip;
	int	bkgd_color;
	int	draw_mode;
	int	active_screen;
	int	vector_width;
	int	text_size;
	int	text_rot;
	int	fill_mode;
	int	text_mode;
	int	text_video;
	int	text_scale;
	int	border_width;
	WN_VECTOR_GRAIN_DATA	vector_grain;

	status = wn_query_setup(&active,&color,&clip,&bkgd_color,&draw_mode,