status.i4.v = wn_axis_label(plane.i4.r, num_major.i4.r, num_minor.i4.r,
				    grid_it.i4.r, text.i1a.r, text_size.i4.r,
				    text_color.i4.r, label_length.i4.r,
				    label_type.i4.r [,loc_major.r4a.r]
				    [,squeeze_it.i4.r] [,tick_length.r4.r]
				    [,loc_minor.r4a.r] [,invert_ticks.i4.r]
				    [,grid_line_typ.i4.r] [,label_color.i4.r]

	status.i4.v = wn_axis_label_c(plane.i4.v, num_major.i4.v,
				      num_minor.i4.v, grid_it.i4.v, text.i1a.r,
				      text_size.i4.v, text_color.i4.v,
				      label_length.i4.v, label_type.i4.v
				      [,loc_major.r4a.r] [,squeeze_it.i4.v]
				      [,tick_length.r4.r] [,loc_minor.r4a.r]
				      [,grid_line_typ.i4.v] [,label_color.i4.v]

	This routine draws an axis and makes tick marks and optional grids 
	on the active window.  The major axis ticks are enumerated and a
	label is put on the axis.  There's no checking to see if labeling
	will fit on the screen.  Use the test page (D110) to test your layout.
	Note that the color of the axis and grid lines will be the color
	selected by the most recent call to wn_color(_c).

	plane 		axis to label
			(WN_HORZ -> horizontal axis (bottom of window),
			 WN_VERT -> vertical axis (left side of window),
			 WN_HORZ_TOP -> horizontal axis (top of window),
			 WN_VERT_RIGHT -> vertical axis (right side of window))
	num_major 	number of intervals between major ticks/grids
	num_minor	number of intervals between each minor tick
			(If "loc_minor" is specified and does not have a value
			 of NULL, "num_minor" indicates the total number of
			 minor tick mark values passed in "loc_minor".)
	grid_it		grid flag
			(FALSE -> no grid,
			 TRUE -> grid on major ticks)
	text		null terminated axis title text
			(A value of NULL may be passed if no title is desired.) 
	text_size	size of title text (same as wn_text_size(_c) sizes)
	text_color	color of title text
	label_length	number of tick label characters displayed
	label_type	type of numeric display for tick labels
			(CNV_FLOAT -> regular float format,
			 CNV_EXP -> exponential notation,
			 CNV_FLOAT_EXP -> use regular float format unless the
					  value exceeds "label_length"
					  characters in which case use
					  exponential notation)
	[loc_major]	array ("num_major" + 1 elements) of real world
			coordinates defining locations for each major
			axis tick/grid mark  (Default is NULL which results
			in a simple division of the size of the window
			by the number of major ticks.)
	[squeeze_it]	adjust min/max axis label positions to fit limits
			of plot window
			(WN_SQUEEZE_NO_LABEL -> no adjustment (center label
						on grid) (default),
			 WN_SQUEEZE_X_LABEL -> squeeze x axis labels,
			 WN_SQUEEZE_Y_LABEL -> squeeze y axis labels,
			 WN_SQUEEZE_BOTH_LABELS -> squeeze x and y axis labels)
	[tick_length]	length of tick marks in terms of the real world
			coordinates for the opposite plane to the axis plane
			(Default is NULL which results in a ratio of 0.04
			for the length of the tick marks relative to the
			entire width of the window.)
	[loc_minor]	array ("num_minor" + 1 elements) of real world
			coordinates defining locations for each minor axis
			tick mark  (Default is NULL which results in a
			simple division of the size of the window by the
			number of major ticks times the number of minor ticks.)
	[invert_ticks]	tick mark direction flag
			(FALSE -> draw tick marks on the inside of the
				  grid (default),
			 TRUE -> draw tick marks on the outside of the grid)
	[grid_line_typ]	type of line for major grid lines
			(WN_SOLID_LINE -> solid lines (default),
			 WN_DOTTED_LINE -> dotted lines)
	[label_color]	color of axis label text (default (CLIB_DEFAULT_ARG)
			is the same as the color of the axis lines which is
			the the color most recently selected by a call to
	[options]	miscellaneous setup options (Note: The following
			values can be logically OR'ed together.)
			(WN_OPT_NONE -> no options selected,
			 WN_LIMIT_LABELS_ONLY -> only label the limits of
						 the axis,
			 WN_ROUND_VALUES -> round label values to the nearest
			 WN_ROUND_VALUES_IF_NEEDED -> round label values to the
						      nearest integer if it
						      won't fit into the
						      available label field)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CBS_INVARG		invalid plane specified
	CBS_NOSETUP		an active window has not been established

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cbslib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	wn_axis_grid(_c), wn_grid(_c), wn_quick_grid, wn_color(_c),
	wn_user_defined_color_c, wn_read_user_defined_color,
	wn_text_size(_c), wn_flush, wn_multitrace_axis_label_c,
	wn_multitrace_grid_c, wn_multitrace_grid_pixel_c,

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	text[] = "Axis title";
	int	status;
	int	plane = WN_HORZ;
	int	num_major = 4;
	int	num_minor = 5;
	int	grid_it = TRUE;
	int	text_size = WN_TEXT_MIN_SIZE;
	int	text_color = CYAN;
	int	label_length = 6;
	int	label_type = CNV_FLOAT_EXP;
	int	squeeze_it = TRUE;
	int	invert_ticks = FALSE;
	int	grid_line_typ = WN_SOLID_LINE;
	int	label_color = GREEN;
	unsigned int	options = WN_OPT_NONE;
	float	*loc_major = (float *) NULL;
	float	*tick_length = (float *) NULL;
	float	*loc_minor = (float *) NULL;

	status = wn_axis_label_c(plane,num_major,num_minor,grid_it,text,