status.i4.v = wmenu(top_row.i2.r, left_column.i2.r, num_items.i2.r,
			    num_chars.i2.r, item_text.i1a.r, title.i1a.r,
			    item.i2.r [,num_columns.i2.r] [,user_funcs.fa.r]
			    [,] [,enabl_entries.i1a.r]

	status.i4.v = wmenu_c(top_row.i4.v, left_column.i4.v, num_items.i4.v,
			      num_chars.i4.v, item_text.i1a.r, title.i1a.r,
			      item.i2.r [,num_columns.i4.v] [,user_funcs.fa.r]
			      [,] [,enabl_entries.i1a.r]

	This routine will prompt the user to select one item out of list of 
	possibities by creating a window on the color TV and displaying the 
	available choices. It then waits until the user clicks under 
	one of the choices (or somewhere else), deletes the window, and returns 
	the item number selected to the caller. The routine automatically 
	determines the window size. The menu item which the cursor is under 
	is highlighted with a blue background.  A value of TRUE will be
	returned if a valid selection is made.  Otherwise, a value of FALSE
	will be returned.

	top_row		top row of menu (use WMNGR_CENTER for centering
			or WINDOW_xxx_COORD macros in macro for special
			positioning)  (Note: wmenu_c can use all of these
			macros, but wmenu can only use the WMNGR_CENTER_IT
	left_column	left column of menu (use WMNGR_CENTER for centering
			or WINDOW_xxx_COORD macros in macro for special
			positioning)  (Note: wmenu_c can use all of these
			macros, but wmenu can only use the WMNGR_CENTER_IT
	num_items	number of menu items
	num_chars	number of characters in a menu item
			(If a value of zero is passed for this argument,
			 the routine will assume that all of the menu text is
			 contained in a single null terminated or descriptor
			 described string and will automatically determine the
			 length of a single menu item by dividing the total
			 string length by the number of items.)
	item_text	menu item text ("num_chars" characters per entry)
	title		a null-terminated text string (ie. a quoted literal)
			to be written to the top line of the window  (It may
			be no longer than ("num_chars" + 3) * "num_columns" - 3
			characters in length.)
	item		number of selected item (or unchanged if no selection
			was made).  Upon entry the  text for menu item = "item"
			will be displayed in yellow.  All other item text will
			be displayed in white.  Upon return, "item" will be set
			to the number of the item which the user clicked under.
			If the cursor was not under a item, "item" will be
			unchanged. Valid items start at 1.
	[num_columns]	number of menu columns (default is 1)
	[user_funcs]	pointers to functions to be called by the menu
			(If this is specified, the function corresponding to
			 a given entry is called when that entry is selected.)
			(default is NULL)
			(called as follows:
			 user_func(func_data.g.v, item.i4.v, item_text.i1a.r))
	[func_data]	pointers to data to be passed to "funcs"
			(default is NULL)
	[enabl_entries]	array of logical flags indicating which menu entries
			are enabled/active (default is NULL which enables
			all menu entries)
			(MENU_ENABLED_ENTRY -> enabled entry (default),
			 MENU_DISABLED_ENTRY -> disabled entry,
			 MENU_SEPARATOR -> separator entry)
	[help_info]	entry by entry help callback information
			(array of HELP_CALLBACK_DATA structures)
			(default is NULL)

	This function returns status values as follows:

	CBS_INVARG		invalid number of items
	CBS_WINDOW_TOO_BIG	menu won't fit on the screen
	TRUE			user made a valid menu selection
	FALSE			user interrupted outside of menu

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, clib_h, cbslib_h, macro_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	popup_menu(_c), scroll_menu(_c), menu_create(_c),
	combo_menu_c, logical_scroll_menu(_c), logical_combo_menu_c,
	build_menu_text, menu_setup_c, window_restore_hint_c

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	item_text[NUM_ITEMS][NUM_CHARS] =
	{"Entry 1", "Entry 2", "Entry 3", "Entry 4", "Entry 5", "Entry 6"};
	static const char	title[] = "Title";
	char	*enabled_entries = (char *) NULL;
	char	*header_line = (char *) NULL;
	short	item = 0;
	int	status;
	int	top_row = WMNGR_CENTER;
	int	left_column = WMNGR_CENTER;
	int	num_items = NUM_ITEMS;
	int	num_chars = NUM_CHARS;
	int	num_columns = 1;
	int	padding_chars = 1;
	popup_menu_function *user_funcs = (popup_menu_function *) NULL;
	void	**func_data = (void **) NULL;

	status = wmenu_c(top_row,left_column,num_items,num_chars,
			 (char *) item_text,title,&item,num_columns,