status.i4.v = winfld( wid.i4.v, row.i4.v, left_col.i4.v, ncols.i4.v )

	'winfld_c' is a C callable (by value) windowed version of INFLD.

	It will return TRUE if the color TV cursor was in a specifed field the 
	last time the INTYPE routine was called.  The field is specified by a 
	window ID 'wid', a row inside the window 'row', a starting column 
	inside the window 'left_col' and a number of columns 'ncols'.

	'wid' is the window ID of the window to test as returned by
	the WMAKE or 'wmake_c' routine.

	'row' and 'left_col' are the row and column within the window. The
	top left character inside the window border is row 1, column 1.