exposed.i4.v = window_intype(window_id.i2.r, type.i2.r, row.i4.r,
				     column.i4.r, info.i4.r [,extra_info.s.r]

	This routine retrieves interrupt information for a window-oriented
	application.  It will return in the "window_id" argument the window
	in which the most recent interrupt occurred.  The window coordinates
	of the interrupt will be returned in "row" and "column".  It will
	return a window ID of CBS_WINDOW_OCCLUDED if the present window is
	occluded and will return the row and column values in terms of the
	entire screen.  Special window information is returned in "info".
	This routine returns a value of WMNGR_EXPOSED if any windows
	have been exposed since the last call to this routine.  If a
	call to window_enable_interrupts has been made, this routine
	will automatically handle window scrolling, moving, resizing,
	and will pop occluded windows to the front.  This routine or
	its counterpart, intype, should be the first function called
	in console application programs (Primary Applications (PAs) or
	Secondary Applications (SAs)).

	window_id	returned ID of interrupt window (or CBS_WINDOW_OCCLUDED
			if the interrupt window is occluded)
	type		returned interrupt type
			(INTINI -> program initialization (occurs once),
			 INTTRM -> program termination (occurs once),
			 INTKBD -> keyboard interrupt (return key or left
				   mouse button) (primary applications only),
			 INT_SHIFT_KBD -> shift click interrupt,
			 INT_CTRL_KBD -> control click interrupt,
			 INT_ALT_KBD -> alt click interrupt,
			 INTPER -> periodic interrupt (currently 15 Hz),
			 INTKUP -> button up event (follows INTKBD),
			 INTDBL -> double interrupt,
			 INTKBD_LX -> keyboard interrupt in active graphics
				      window (return key or left mouse button)
				      (The location of the interrupt can be
				       obtained from "extra_info".),
			 INT_SHIFT_KBD_LX -> shift click interrupt in active
					     graphics window,
			 INT_CTRL_KBD_LX -> control click interrupt in active
					    graphics window,
			 INT_ALT_KBD_LX -> alt click interrupt in active
					   graphics window,
			 INT_BTN2 -> button2 (middle) pressed,
			 INT_BTN3 -> button3 (right) pressed,
			 INT_BTN4 -> button4 (wheel up) pressed,
			 INT_BTN5 -> button5 (wheel down) pressed,
			 INT_FOCUSIN -> TV window has just received focus,
			 INT_FOCUSOUT -> TV window has just lost focus)
	row, column	returned window coordinate location of most recent
			interrupt (Note: Full screen coordinates are returned
			if the interrupt window is occluded.)
	info		returned window interrupt handling information
			(WMNGR_NO_SPECIAL -> no special interrupts detected,
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_UP -> scroll window up one line,
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_UP_PAGE -> scroll window up one page,
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_DOWN -> scroll window down one line,
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_DOWN_PAGE -> scroll window down one page,
			 WMNGR_DRAG_SCROLL_BAR -> drag vertical scroll bar,
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_LEFT -> scroll window left one character,
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_LEFT_PAGE -> scroll window left one page,
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_RIGHT -> scroll window right one
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_RIGHT_PAGE -> scroll window right one
			 WMNGR_DRAG_HSCROLL_BAR -> drag horizontal scroll bar,
			 WMNGR_SCROLL_STATUS -> interrupt in scroll status
			 WMNGR_MOVE -> move this window,
			 WMNGR_RESIZE -> resize this window,
			 WMNGR_WINDOW_POPPED -> window was popped to front)
	[extra_info]	additional interrupt information identified by the
			first field in the returned structure as follows:
			(WMNGR_NO_DATA -> no data of interest
			 WMNGR_GRAPHWIN_DATA -> contains graphic window
						interrupt location)
			(This is a structure of type WINDOW_INTYPE_EXTRA_INFO.)
			(default is NULL)
	[options]	interrupt handling options
			(default is INTYPE_OPT_NONE)

	This function returns status values as follows:

	OK			success
	WMNGR_EXPOSED		a window has been exposed

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cns_data_structs_h, cbslib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	window_intype_again, window_enable_interrupts,
	window_disable_interrupts, window_disable_move_c,
	window_disable_resize_c, window_disable_restack_c,
	window_enable_move_c, window_enable_resize_c, window_enable_restack_c,
	window_freeze_c, window_unfreeze_c, window_callback_init,
	window_callback_term, window_intype_put_data_c, window_scroll(_c),
	window_scroll_page_c, window_hscroll_c, window_hscroll_page_c,
	window_last_scroll, window_last_horizontal_scroll, intro_tv_windows

	C/C++ usage:

	short	window_id;
	short	type;
	int	exposed;
	int	row;
	int	column;
	int	info;
	unsigned int	options = INTYPE_OPT_NONE;

	exposed = window_intype(&window_id,&type,&row,&column,