vtstrt(task_name.i1a.r, task_status_blk.i2a.r, rad50_task_name.i2a.r,
	       status.i2.r [,node.i2.r])

	Start a slaved VAX application task.

	task_name	variable or array containing 8 ASCII bytes
			of task name
	task_status_blk	task status block for slaved task (five word array)
			word 1  -  flagword, will contain a 0 as int
				   as the slave task remains attached
				   becomes a 1 when slave task disconnects
			word 2  -  word of slave task exit status, valid
				   when flagword is non-zero
			word 3/4-  32 bit slave task exit status
			word 5  -  request id of console/VAXAPM connection
	rad50_task_name	two word array to receive network Rad-50 taskname of 
			started task
	status		variable to receive ACNET standard error return
	[node]		ACNET logical node

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	vtabrt, vtcncl, vistrt