MECCA contains a number of user libraries which augment the
	functionality of the CLIB routines.  User library functions
	differ from CLIB routines in that their scope is usually less

	The following user libraries might be of interest to an
	application programmer:

	UL_CBSAUX	- contains a wide variety of useful routines
	UL_FRIGLIB	- contains routines for interfacing to cryogenic data
	UL_PHYSLIB	- contains various physics algorithms
	UL_OAC		- contains routines for interfacing with Open
			  Access Clients
	UL_WINDOWLIB	- contains high level TV window routines
	UL_LEXTOOLS	- contain routines for interfacing with the Lex Tools
			  interactive graphics environment
	UL_DIALOGLIB	- contains high level dialog routines
	UL_PASA		- contains routines for facilitating Primary
			  Application/Secondary Application communications
	UL_GFSDALIB	- contains routines for accessing data from the
			  Generic Finite State Data Acquisition (GFSDA) system
	UL_HELIUMLIB	- contains routines for making helium property
	UL_CRG		- contains routines for interfacing with the Collider
			  Ramp Generator application
	UL_TECAR	- contains routines for interfacing with the TECAR
			  front end
	UL_PCCNS	- interface library for porting PC applications
			  using PCLIB to the console environment

	Help for these libraries can be obtained with a command having
	the following format, if you execute the setup command

	$ {library help handle} {routine name}

	If {routine name} is omitted, a list of all the member routine
	names will be displayed.

	The {library help handle} values are as follows:

	UL_CBSAUX	- cbsauxh (or auxh)
	UL_FRIGLIB	- friglibh (or frigh)
	UL_PHYSLIB	- physlibh (or physh)
	UL_OAC		- oach
	UL_WINDOWLIB	- windowlibh
	UL_LEXTOOLS	- lextoolsh (or lexth)
	UL_DIALOGLIB	- dialoglibh (or dialogh)
	UL_PASA		- pasah
	UL_GFSDALIB	- gfsdalibh (or gfsdah)
	UL_HELIUMLIB	- heliumlibh (or heliumh)
	UL_CRG		- crgh
	UL_TECAR	- tecarh
	UL_PCCNS	- pccnsh