tvscrl(rowa.i2.r, rowb.i2.r [,fcolor.i2.r] [,bcolor.i2.r] 

	This routine will execute a window scroll (up or down) on the color
	TV. The width of the scroll window is defined by a previous call to 
	TVWNDO. Text will move in the direction from row ROWB to row ROWA. 
	The portion of row ROWA within the scroll window will be lost and 
	the portion of row ROWB within the scroll window will be filled with  
	blanks. FCOLOR, BCOLOR, and BLINK are the foreground color, back- 
	ground color and blink codes as described in the TVM description.  
	They are used to specify the color of the blanks written. See the  
	TVWNDO routine description for more information.

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	tvwndo, tvrwdo, window_scroll(_c)