tvblnk(row.u1.r, col.u1.r, nchar.i2.r [,fcolor.i1.r] 
	       [,bcolor.i1.r] [,blink.i1.r])

	tvblnk_c(row.i4.v, col.i4.v, nchars.i4.v [, colors.i4.v])

	This routine will write NCHAR blanks to the color TV starting at
	row = ROW, column = COL.  NCHAR must be in the range  [1,256].
	FCOLOR, BCOLOR, and BLINK are foreground color, background color
	and blink codes as described in the TVM description.

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	window_blank(_c), btvblnk(_c)