tv_get_key DEPRECATED

	tv_get_key(row.i2.r, col.i2.r, key_sym.i4.r [,modstate.i4.r] 

	Whenever a printing key is pressed, the row, col and X-Window KeySym
	code are stored in the KEY FIFO.  This routine will get the next 
	KeySym from the KEY FIFO.  ROW and COL will be set to where the TV text 
	cursor was when the key was pressed.  If no KeySym's are in the FIFO,
	ROW will be set to 0.  KeySym values are defined in decw$include:
	keysym.h and keysymdef.h.  'modstate' optionally returns the state
	of the buttons and modifier keys when the key was pressed.  Button1Mask,
	Button2Mask, Button3Mask, Button4Mask, Button5Mask, ShiftMask, 
	ControlMask, LockMask, Mod1Mask, Mod2Mask, Mod3mask, Mod4Mask, and 
	Mod5Mask are defined in decw$include:x.h

	Warning:  If tv_get_key is called in a function which might be
	registered by intype_callback_init, certain limitations need to be
	observed to prevent lost or extra keys being reported.  Each key will
	reported seperately for each intype_callback_init function and for
	each level of intype recursion.  When an intype callback function
	wants to wait for user interaction, it should call window_intype
	(as opposed to intype) and make any calls to tv_get_key AFTER the 
	first call to window_intype.