status.i4.v = td_read_one(device_index.i4.r, table_number.i2.r,
				  table_type.i2.r, slot_number.i2.r,
				  num_slots.i2.r, slot_use.i2.r,
				  scale.i4.r, values.g.v [,ftd.i2.r]

	status.i4.v = td_read_one_c(device_index.i4.v, table_number.i4.v,
				    table_type.i4.v, slot_number.i4.v,
				    num_slots.i4.v, slot_use.i4.v,
				    scale.i4.v, values.g.v [,ftd.i4.v]

	This routine reads a single table's slot(s) values.  Table and slot
	enumerations start at 1.

	device_index	device index of the table
	table_number	table number to read (table numbers start at 1)
	table_type	type of table to read (constants are in 'diolib')
	slot_number	number of first slot to read (slot numbers start at 1)
	num_slots	number of slots to read
	slot_use	indicate which part of the slot is addressed
			(SLOT_WHOLE -> whole slot,
			 SLOT_DEPENDENT -> only dependent part of slot,
			 SLOT_INDEPENDENT -> only independent part of slot)
			(Note: Data is handled in independent-dependent order.)
	scale		scaling flag
			(TRUE -> scale data using database information,
			 FALSE -> treat as raw data)
			(Note: Scaling is only valid for the dependent slots,
			 or dependent parts-of-slots.)
	values		returned data  (Note: The format of the data depends
			on the value of 'scale'. (TRUE -> each half slot is
			represented by a four byte floating point value
			and FALSE -> each half slot is represented by a two
			byte integer value))
	[ftd]		frequency/event for datapool read
			(FTD_ONESHOT -> one shot (default),
			 FTD_DEFAULT -> use database default FTD,
			 FTD_1HZ -> 1 Hz request,
			 FTD_EVENT_MASK OR'ed with TCLK event value -> read
			 on TCLK event (event constants are in 'tclk_events'))
	[stop_slot]	returned slot number of slot with stop bit set
			(slot numbers start at 1) (default is NULL)
			(Note: This argument is valid for 160-module scaled
			 data only.  In addition, to be successful, the stop
			 bit must fall within the range of slots requested
			 as well as the portion of each slot selected

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	DIO_MEMFAIL		memory allocation failure
	DIO_SCALEFAIL		no scaling information available
	negative value		ACNET format error

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, diolib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	td_read, td_set_one(_c), td_query, dio_get_dev(_c), dio_get_raw(_c)

	C/C++ usage:

	short	*stop_slot = (short *) NULL;
	int	status;
	int	device_index = 7085;
	int	table_number = 1;
	int	table_type = MDAT_GTABLE;
	int	slot_number = 1;
	int	num_slots = MAX_SLOTS;
	int	slot_use = SLOT_WHOLE;
	int	scale = TRUE;
	int	ftd = FTD_ONESHOT;
	float	values[MAX_SLOTS];

	status = td_read_one_c(device_index,table_number,table_type,
			       scale,(void *) values,ftd,stop_slot);