task_slot(slot.i1.r, state.i1.r, generic_rad50.i4.r, network_rad50.i4.r

	Returns state information for task in CHGPGM slot SLOT.  
	If the index page or null SA are running in a slot or the task
	is not found as a running process, the returned	tasknames are 0.  
	Otherwise GENR50 receives the generic rad50 taskname
	and NETR50 receives the network rad50 taskname of the
	task running in that slot.  For example, if SA0050 was running on
	console instance 0 in slot 3 GENR50 would return rad50('SA0050')
	and NETR50 would return rad50('SB0050').  STATE will
	return the state of the process:
		state 0 - CHGPGM or OS is creating the process
		state 1 - INTYPE is processing initialization
		state 2	- INTYPE is or has processed a periodic

	slot		slot to query
			(PA_SLOT -> primary application PA,
			 PB_SLOT -> primary application PB,
			 PC_SLOT -> primary application PC,
			 PD_SLOT -> primary application PD,
			 PE_SLOT -> primary application PE,
			 SA_SLOT -> secondary application SA,
			 SB_SLOT -> secondary application SB,
			 SC_SLOT -> secondary application SC,
			 SD_SLOT -> secondary application SD,
			 SE_SLOT -> secondary application SE,
			 ALARM_SLOT -> reserved for alarm system,
			 UTIL_SLOT -> utility window,
			 NONUSER_SLOT -> background user process)
	state		returned state of task
			(0 -> waiting on PLD or OS to create process,
			 1 -> intype processing initialization,
			 2 -> intype is or has processed periodic)
	generic_rad50	returned 32 bits of generic Radix50 taskname
	network_rad50	returned 32 bits of network connected Radix50 taskname
	script_state	returned script state of task
			(0 -> PLD clears on task load,
			 1 -> script replay in progress,
			 2 -> script replay done)

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, clib_h

	Related functions:

	console_slot_program_state_c, chgpgm(_c)

	C/C++ usage:

	char	slot = PA_SLOT;
	char	state;
	char	script_state;
	int	generic_rad50;
	int	network_rad50;