status.i4.v = submit_batch_job(queue_name.i1a.r, job_name.i1a.r,
				       command_file.i1a.r, log_file.i1a.r,
				       user_name.i1a.r, job_status.i1p.r,

	This routine submits a batch job to a queue.  Some examples of use
	would be to start a print job, or to submit a command file to 
	restart a process on abnormal exit.  The user is cautioned to
	force a reasonable waiting period before restarting a task to
	minimize the effect of a continuous fatal condition.  It is also
	advisable to test the batch job under the same uid and
	conditions.  For example:

	$ MY_NAME="cns_runxv" /xconsole/exe/ p1 p2 p3 2>&1 \
	  > /xconsole/log/cns_runxv.log &

	compares to (C):

	char	*job_status;
	int	status, entry_num;
	status = submit_batch_job("xconsole_batch","cns_runxv",
			  "/xconsole/exe/ p1 p2 p3",

	Remember that user names are case sensitive and usually upper case.

	queue_name	ignored
	job_name	null-terminated, user assigned ASCII job name
	command_file	null-terminated name of command file to execute
			(optional parameters to be passed are appended to
			 this argument separated by spaces - see above example)
	log_file	null-terminated name of log file to use
	user_name	ignored
	job_status	ignored
	entry_num	ignored

       This function returns status values as follows:

	return value from the system() function.

	This function requires the following include files: