status.i4.v = str_is_hex_c(string.i1a.r [,length.i4.v]
				   [,options.u4.v] [,int_length.i4.r]

	This routine determines whether or not the passed string is composed
	of hexadecimal characters.  The hex characters can be preceded and
	followed by white space.

	string		string to check
	[length]	length of string (If a value of zero is passed
			or this argument is defaulted, the length of the
			string will be calculated.)
			(default is 0)
	[options]	parsing options
			(STR_OPT_NONE -> no options selected (default),
			 STR_OPT_HANDLE_PREFIX -> allow a prefix of "0o",
			 STR_OPT_HANDLE_SUFFIX -> allow a valid integer
	[int_length]	returned length of the octal integer string
			(excluding any white space)
			(default is NULL)
	[modifier_type]	returned modifier type
			(STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_NONE -> no integer modifier,
			 STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_BYTE -> signed byte modifier,
			 STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_UBYTE	-> unsigned byte modifier,
			 STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_SHORT -> signed short modifier,
			 STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_USHORT -> unsigned short modifier,
			 STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_LONG -> signed long modifier,
			 STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_ULONG -> unsigned long modifier,
			 STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_LONG_LONG -> signed long long
			 STR_INT_MOD_TYPE_ULONG_LONG -> unsigned long long

	This function returns status values as follows:

	TRUE			string is hex
	FALSE			string is not hex

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cbslib_h

	Related functions:

	str_is_numeric_c, str_is_float_string_c, str_is_alphabetic_c,
	str_is_alphanumeric_c, str_is_lower_case_c, str_is_upper_case_c,
	str_is_printable_c, str_is_blank_c, str_is_white_space_c,
	str_num_nonblank_c, str_compare_nocase, str_compare_n_nocase_c,
	strncmp, strcmp, strncmx, str_find_first_c, str_get_first_c

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	string[] = " 1234ABC ";
	int	status;
	int	length = 0;
	int	int_length;
	int	modifier_type;
	unsigned int	options = STR_OPT_NONE;

	status = str_is_hex_c(string,length,options,&int_length,&modifier_type);