srget(retrieval_index.i2.r, work_area.i1a.r, data_buffer.i1a.r,
	      error.i2.r [,max_length.i2.r] [,ret_length.i2.r])

	This routine will retrieve unprocessed data or file headers 
	returned to the work area specified by a call to srproc.

	retrieval_index retrieval index (returned from call to srreq or
	work_area	work area array initialized by srwain and used in
			srproc to retrieve information from the
			Save/Restore log
	data_buffer	user buffer to receive returned data.  Must be
			allocated with sufficient storage to receive the
			requested (or default) number of bytes.
	error		standard ACNET error/success return
	[max_length]	specified by the caller to control the maximum number
			of bytes that the caller is prepared to accept in the 
			data buffer.  If not specified, all the data will be
			copied to the data_buffer.
	[ret_length]	maximum number of bytes available (in the work area)
			for the specified retrieval index

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	SAV_RST_NO_COLLECTION	no such file or collection
	SAV_RST_ILWORK		invalid work area
	SAV_RST_ILRINX		invalid retrieval index
	SAV_RST_xxx		Save/restore error

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	srcnct, srcnct_fake, srdcnt, srderr, srdir, srdisk, srgeti, srmod, 
	srproc, srreq, srsetp, srsize, srsnapreq, srston, srwain

	C/C++ usage:

	char	work_area[WORK_AREA_SIZE];
	char	data_buffer[BUFFER_SIZE];
	short	retrieval_index;
	short	error;
	short	max_length = BUFFER_SIZE;
	short	ret_length;
	int	status;

	status = srget(&retrieval_index,work_area,data_buffer,&error,