status.i4.v = sr_get_device_over_time_c(device_index.i4.v,
						values.r8p.r, value_data.sp.r,

	This routine returns scaled data that has been previously saved by
	the save/restore system.  It returns data from a group of files
	with the data in time order.

	device_index	device index
	property	property index
			(constants are in dbprops)
	num_categories	number of file categories to search
	categories	list of file categories to search
			(SR_GLOBAL -> global supersystem (default),
			 SR_LINAC -> Linac supersystem,
			 SR_BOOSTER -> Booster supersystem,
			 SR_MAININJECTOR -> Main Injector supersystem,
			 SR_EXTERNALBEAMS -> external beams supersystem,
			 SR_TEVATRON -> Tevatron supersystem,
			 SR_MUON -> Muon supersystem,
			 SR_FRIG -> refrigerator supersystem,
			 SR_MISC -> miscellaneous supersystem,
			 SR_ARCHIVE -> archive supersystem,
			 SR_RECYCLER -> Recycler supersystem,
			 SR_SHOTS -> shots supersystem,
			 SR_CIRCULAR -> circular supersystem,
			 SR_MINIBOONE -> MiniBooNE supersystem,
			 SR_NUMI -> NuMI supersystem,
			 SR_PXIE -> PXIE supersystem,
			 SR_NML -> NML supersystem,
			 SR_MTA -> MTA (Muon Test Area) supersystem,
			 SR_SYCONFIG -> Switchyard configuration supersystem,
			 SR_CMTF -> CMTF supersystem,
			 SR_ALL_SYSTEMS -> all supersystems)
	search_type	type of file search
			(SRMNGR_SEARCH_BY_ALL -> search all files,
			 SRMNGR_SEARCH_BY_FILE_NUMBER -> search by file number,
			 SRMNGR_SEARCH_BY_DATE -> search by date)
	search_info	search information which depends on "search_type"
			(SRMNGR_SEARCH_BY_ALL -> argument is unused,
			 SRMNGR_SEARCH_BY_FILE_NUMBER -> structure of type
			 SRMNGR_SEARCH_BY_DATE -> structure of type
	options		retrieval options (currently unused)
	num_points	returned number of saved points found
	values		returned scaled device data  (Note: This is a pointer
			to a buffer allocated by this routine. The caller should
			neither allocate or free this buffer.)
	value_data	returned value data (pointer to an array of
			structures of type SRMNGR_SR_SEARCH_VALUE_DATA)
			(Note: This is a pointer to a buffer allocated by
			 this routine. The caller should neither allocate
			 or free this buffer.)
	[vals_per_point]returned number of values per entry (default is NULL)
	[length]	raw device length (default is 0 which results in
			using the database maximum size for each device)
	[offset]	raw data offset or array of data offsets in bytes
			(default is 0)
	[units_text]	units text (LEN_DEV_UNITS characters)
			(default is NULL)

	This function returns status values as follows:

	OK			success
	DIO_MEMFAIL		memory allocation failure
	DIO_INVLEN		too much data requested
	negative value		ACNET format error indicating overall failure
	positive value		number of devices in error indicating partial

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, dbprops_h, cbslib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	sr_set_source_c, sr_get_device_over_time_raw_c,
	sr_get_status_text_over_time_c, sr_sda_get_device_over_time_c,
	sr_sda_get_device_over_time_raw_c, sr_get_device_c,
	sr_get_device_raw_c, sr_data_length_c, sr_sda_data_lengths_c,
	sr_status_c, sr_status_text_c, sr_is_on_c, sr_is_positive_c,
	sr_sda_snapshot_stats_c, sr_snapshot_header_c, sr_snapshot_info_c,
	sr_snapshot_info_list_c, sr_get_snapshot_c, sr_read_snapshot_c,
	sr_disconnect, sr_get_array_device_c, sr_sda_cases_present_c,
	sr_sda_num_subcases_c, sr_sda_subcases_present_c, sr_sda_case_times_c

	C/C++ usage:

	char	units_text[LEN_DEV_UNITS];
	short	property = PRREAD;
	int	status;
	int	device_index = 27235;
	int	num_categories = 1;
	int	categories = SR_CIRCULAR;
	int	search_type = SRMNGR_SEARCH_BY_DATE;
	int	num_points;
	int	values_per_point;
	int	length = 2;
	int	offset = 0;
	unsigned int	options = 0;
	double	*values;

	status = sr_get_device_over_time_c(device_index,property,
					   search_type,(void *) &search_info,
					   (void **) &values,&value_data,