repeat_kbd_intype(interrupt_type.i2.r, row.i2.r, column.i2.r,

	This routine can be inserted in place of the normal INTYPE routine
	to allow repeated user interrupts if the interrupt button is held

	interrupt_type	returned interrupt type
			(INTINI -> program initialization (occurs once),
			 INTTRM -> program termination (occurs once),
			 INTKBD -> keyboard interrupt (return key or left
				   mouse button) (primary applications only),
			 INT_SHIFT_KBD -> shift click interrupt,
			 INT_CTRL_KBD -> control click interrupt,
			 INT_ALT_KBD -> alt click interrupt,
			 INTPER -> periodic interrupt (currently 15 Hz),
			 INTKUP -> button up event (follows INTKBD),
			 INTDBL -> double interrupt,
			 INTKBD_LX -> keyboard interrupt in active graphics
				      window (return key or left mouse button),
			 INT_SHIFT_KBD_LX -> shift click interrupt in active
					     graphics window,
			 INT_CTRL_KBD_LX -> control click interrupt in active
					    graphics window,
			 INT_ALT_KBD_LX -> alt click interrupt in active
					   graphics window,
			 INT_FOCUSIN -> TV window has just received focus,
			 INT_FOCUSOUT -> TV window has just lost focus)
	row, column	location of visible cursor at the time of the
			present interrupt
	options		interrupt handling options

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cbslib_h

	Related functions:

	window_intype, intype_set_repeat_click_c, intype_set_double_click_c,

	C/C++ usage:

	short	interrupt_type;
	short	row;
	short	column;